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Change. What I do.

Patrick has an artist's instinct, design expertise, mature taste and perceptual skills to help plan and create anything from clean, orderly pictures to dramatic scenes. He delves into what you own, logistics, lifestyle, comfort and psychology. Listens to your personal needs. Presto! Astonishing results, affordable prices.

Freud, Mr. Holland and the Laker Girls all channeled into one Supreme Being.

- Seattle Homes and Lifestyles Magazine

Patrick visits your space, asks questions about how you live, looks at your stuff then recommends a shrink or a dumpster, or both.

Contrary to my joking friend above, listening to you is the most important part of my job. I ask a lot of questions about lifestyle but it is your responses that indicate the direction you are considering; the help I can be.

Creating a beautiful, functioning environment for a client can be rigorous and stressful as it is exciting. Your tollerance for change is the greatest limit for how far we can go.

Invariably, by the time I get your call, you have been thinking. Since "home" reflects and supports most other aspects in your life, it is a perfect place to bolster the process of movement and change that may be burgeoning elsewhere.

Our initial interview is an hour and a half. Hopefully it takes place during your primary use hours of the space. Naturally I want to see your environment in its "totally lived-in" state. So do not straighten it up. Your habitual behavior is an important aspect of planning a retreat.

After we meet and I understand your initial desires and budget, a variety of plans can be developed from do-it-in-a-day treatments, to custom-designed furniture or full-scale renovation and getting that dumpster. I team with you to build project goals, a master plan, wish list, budget, and activation timeline.

You see how to make immediate changes, organize and edit, define, re-allocate, re-purpose your rooms, furniture and storage, utilize multiple use components. Solutions within your budget to any aesthetic problem you can throw at me.

I help you find great fabrics, upholstery, accessories, Fine Art, lighting, carpets and floor coverings, paint, finishes, window treatmets, furniture. Whatever we need to bring out your style and add character, imagination and the unexpected into your space.


© 2005 Patrick Orton