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Patrick has an extremely creative and interesting eye. He paid careful attention to my work and personal needs. By moving some things around and editing my furniture and art, he has helped me totally change the look and the energy of my space in wonderful ways.
- Elisabeth Coleman

As an art collector and former consultant to museums and various related programs and projects, Patrick Orton is one of the most talented and creative designers I have ever met. He has that rare combination of talent, creativity, professionalism and great fun to work with. And he knows how to get the job done. Fabulous is the word you can easily attach to his name and his work. I highly recommend him for any project large or small.
- Kae Eyre

Dear Patrick,

By way of a testimonial, I must tell you that all of my patients have had a positive response to your changes to my office. Particularly commented upon are the waiting room magazine selection and the clever way you turned my wall of medical certificates into artwork. Your instinct to make decisions based on what would make people feel better upon entering the office was inspired. The staff have repeatedly commented on their improved working environment and the soundproofing. I appreciate the professional way in which you handled the project and your understanding of budgetary concerns. Thank you.

Morton Stein, MD

The Art of Recognizing Art. It is a short course in defining personal taste and applying it to your budget. Style and Art expert Patrick Orton of Urban Retreat NYC gets some surprisingly creative results sourcing museum stores, art galleries, street artists or dumpster-diving, and he has it down to a science.
- Going Places Magazine

When he says he works with what you own, it's the truth. My art accumulation looked cluttered and unfocused. We took everything off the walls, changed the paint color, edited pieces down to three individual collections: Drawing, Painting and Photography. Now everything is beautifully lighted, on view in my apartment. The process of seeing my taste through Patrickís eyes was fascinating. He's a regular now.
- Hilton Sawyer

We built a 6,000 square foot Colonial Style home approximately 10 years ago. Patrick was invaluable as a consultant throughout the whole process. We were working with an architect, builder, and interior designer but Patrick brought value-added suggestions to our team throughout the project. He made specific suggestions ranging from changing some of the architectural elements to the exterior of the house to be more consistent with the Colonial Style, to developing a sophisticated lighting plan to show off our art work. Patrick has a marvelous sense of color and design and came out to personally mix colors for the living room on site! He provides a hands on practical approach, that is both very supportive and professional. I would highly recommend Patrick as someone with high professional and personal integrity.

Ellen S. Kerr, M.S.W

Hey Patrick,

We were so happy with our apartment when we got back from the honeymoon. It is exciting to see our plans come to life. Thank you, thank you for getting rid of Bradís Lazy-boy. He loves his new lounge and the flat screen. What a good solution exchanging those horrible wedding gifts! He also likes my new shoe storage in the bedroom and hall and hasnít found them in the linen closet yet. Thank you for showing me how to "go for it," for being reasonably priced, funny and easy going. Most of all, thank you for the gorgeous new place we have to start our life together.

Ann and Bradley Biddle

Mother left me "deep storage" in New Jersey. A small warehouse packed with a lifetime of family things. I was overwhelmed. Patrick kept nudging me to open the doors and "See what you have." My reluctance gave way to his reason, humor and excitement. It was hideous until he helped me devise an organization system. When I understood some of motherís furniture held absolutely no emotional value for me, Housing Works became the beneficiary. Gradually things I have always loved are being unearthed and finding their place in my home with Patrick there whenever I have a question or need a boost.
- Victoria Barney

I used to go walk into my neighborsí apartment and think, "Where did they get all this cool stuff and how can they afford it?" Now I know the secret. Thanks for my cool stuff Patrick.
- Douglas Taft

Dear Patrick,

Running into you at the paint store was the best thing that could have happened. At first I was hesitant to pay someone just to choose paint chips for me, but I couldn't visualize my choices or make up my mind. After you got me thinking about things like natural and reflected light, mood, peak use times, and coordinating color with elements that were not going to change, a light bulb went off. I'm glad I made the call. Two hours with you helped me find the right colors and educated me about paint samples and various finishes. You're amazing and I'm telling everyone about you.

Laura Winans

Not only was I redoing an older, second home for my family far from the city, but I had a pretty small budget to work with. Patrick quickly got a sense of the house and the mixture of classic and whimsy I was going for. He then took his eye for design and, with incredible energy, found amazing hidden treasures for me. Many of the details that add up to the house's charm today are Patrick's legacy.
- Diana Broze


Thank you for the ingenious way you staged my clientís apartment. It made all the difference. We are closing the sale this week!

Paula Allen
Senior Vice President
Sotheby's International Realty


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